2019 Veteran’s Outreach Court


Kass Shuler is partnering with the Circuit and County Courts of the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit and State Attorney’s office, along with the Hillsborough County Clerk of Court and the VA hospital for this year’s Veteran’s Outreach Court (the “VOC”). The VOC is a special setting in which all of these governmental bodies come together to address the serious and recurrent problems facing veterans who have accrued a significant number of fines, legal fees, and court costs associated with active non-violent misdemeanor warrants and violations of City and County Ordinances. On November 8th, the VOC will hold a special court session that will allow these low-income veterans to appear and resolve their legal issues. We are taking the lead to establish a VOC fund to help these veterans pay their court fines and satisfy their other legal obligations.

We have created a website with all the information about the fund and its mission: https://www.flcaresforvets.org. 100% of all donations to this fund cause will be paid to Hillsborough County’s Clerk of Court to be disbursed by order of the VOC judges. Please share this post to get the word out and help our needy veterans in Hillsborough County get back on their feet!