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Collection Law Firm vs. Debt Collection Agency

Debt Collection Law Firm vs. Debt Collection Agency

Deciding to hire a Debt Collection Law Firm vs Debt Collection Agency might seem similar in concept, but understanding the limitations of a debt collection agency is important. Both debt collection law firms and debt collections agencies are regulated by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act; however, the abilities on how to collect the debt can be […]
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signs you need a florida collections attorney

5 Signs You Need a Florida Collections Attorney

Unless you have all your clients pay their balance in full at the time of service, you’re likely to end up having far too many outstanding debts. You may then have to decide if you want to form your own collection department — and carefully navigate debt collection laws — or hire a potentially costly […]
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why hire commercial collections attorney

Why Hire a Commercial Collections Attorney?

When your clients leave outstanding balances on the books, your monthly business revenues take an immediate dive. Worse yet, the longer the debts remain unpaid, the less likely your customers are to issue payment on their own. Thankfully, you can collect the money owed to you by hiring a commercial collections attorney. Here’s how they […]
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