Collections for Creditors

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Collections for Creditors

When you extend credit to your customers or simply do not require them to make the full payment upfront, you may come across problems collecting what is due. When that happens, you might find it difficult to collect the owed payment, if you can locate the customer at all. Unfortunately, if this situation occurs often, then it could tank your revenues and impact your ability to keep your doors open.

Thankfully, you can get help from a commercial collections attorney and collect on those payments fast. By bringing in a commercial debt collections firm to track down your funds, you can recoup your losses and bolster your annual revenues. If that sounds like just what you need, get in touch with our team at Kass Law today.

Commercial Collections Services Where Debtor is in Florida

As long as your debtor is in Florida, you get the following services from one of our commercial collections attorneys in Tampa. We will do what it takes to fight for your repayment, working from skip tracing and pre-suit negotiations to litigation and judgement enforcement.

Our comprehensive services include the following for both retail and commercial matters:

Skip tracing

With our skip tracing services, you can locate the people who owe your company money and deliver collections notices to their doorsteps. Our debt collection attorneys will use their skills and experience to locate the individual and confirm their current location. We can then send out collection notices that let them know that the payment is due and how to settle the debt. If they do not respond to the repayment requests, then we can move on to the next steps in collecting the payment.

Pre-Suit Negotiations

Once we find the debtor, we can issue demand letters that jumpstart the pre-suit negotiations process. Through those negotiations, our commercial collections lawyer can attempt to collect as much of the debt as possible. This helps the debtor avoid further repercussions of failing to pay their debt and assists your company in recouping your losses. If the pre-suit negotiations do not result in a resolution, the case may end up in court.


If you want to fight for repayment through the court system, you need an accomplished business collections attorney. At Kass Law, our lawyers have extensive experience litigating credit collection cases for retailers, collection agencies, and commercial clients. We also represent banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions. With all that experience on your side, you can confidently bring your case to court and argue for repayment with the confidence that you are on the right track. We can even help you reveal and halt the other party’s attempts at any fraudulent conveyance.

Judgement Enforcement

After securing a judgement in your favor, efforts begin to collect the judgment. If they refuse, our debt collection lawyers can use judgement enforcement techniques to collect what you are owed. To secure your funds, we will always work with the Florida courts to find the best method, like wage garnishment, levy on automobiles, or liens on their property. Beyond that, when appropriate we can argue for a contempt order to ensure the debtor takes repayment seriously


In some cases, our commercial collections attorneys can seek the return of the property in question to pay the debt when your customer refuses to return the property. This action can ease your losses and make it easier to move forward after being without payment for so long. If you are spending a lot of time and effort on collection efforts, look to our Florida business debt collection team for the representation you need. We are here any time you need help collecting your funds through pre-suit negotiations or by bringing your case to the local court system. Kass Law will serve as a trusted source of support every step of the way and present your case to the court in a thorough, professional manner. You can rely on our guidance and insights as you move through each step.

Get in Touch with Your Trusted Business Debt Collections Attorney

If you would like help collecting debts owed to your company, reach out to the experienced collections attorneys from Kass Law today. With our experience in retail and commercial matters, our team knows just what it takes to reclaim your funds and look toward a brighter future for your business. With our representation on your side, you can focus on promoting the success of your business while we handle your debt collection needs. Call us today , and we’ll help you figure out the ideal steps to take in collecting on debts owed by debtors located in Florida.