Creditors’ Rights in Bankruptcy

Creditors’ Rights in Bankruptcy

Creditors’ rights in bankruptcy can be highly complex for clients who fail to prepare and plan appropriately. Typically, it would help if you had proper advice and guidance from the get-go to achieve the best results when these cases come to a close. Working with a well-versed creditors’ rights attorney can make a difference in your case.

The Kass Shuler Law Firm delivers consistent creditor’s rights in bankruptcy solutions that guarantee the best results. We counsel our clients at the earliest stages of a bankruptcy issue to help them remain ahead of everything. We also guide clients while negotiating transactions to minimize the risk of potential bankruptcy issues.

Our bankruptcy attorney at Kass Shuler has vast experience in dynamic aspects of creditors’ rights and bankruptcy. We deliver comprehensive services that protect our client’s rights while maximizing recovery.

Count on us to litigate bankruptcy court cases. We strive to achieve the best results without charging a fortune. Kass Schuler relies on our lawyer’s specialties to deliver nothing short of the best services for our clients.

Astute Creditor Representation

Secured and unsecured creditors can count on us to deliver unmatched counseling and representation services within and beyond the bankruptcy context. Our expert team helps creditor clients to obtain all the available creditor remedies. Work with us to find relief from the automatic stay in bankruptcy and bankruptcy cases’ dismissal or conversion.

Leading creditors can rely on us to represent them and participate in different creditors’ committees. Our creditors’ attorneys have a full grasp of Chapter 11 cases and can help you leverage the benefits of these processes. We have vast experience in opposing proposed Chapter 11 plans for creditors.

Creditors can also partner with us for tax counsel during bankruptcy cases. We offer guidance on how to use and treat tax assets. Also, we advise our clients regarding creditor’s rights aspects in different transactions like mergers and acquisitions, financings, asset purchases, contracts, and financings.

Our Creditors’ Rights in Bankruptcy Services

Kass Shuler Law firm’s attorneys understand that successful negotiations can resolve multiple debt issues. Our team works proactively to maintain excellent communication with other attorneys to minimize or avoid needless litigation. First, we understand your specific needs and then work hand-in-hand to provide customized solutions to your issues.

Our reliable services include:

  • Negotiating workouts
  • Negotiating restructuring of obligations plans
  • Representing creditors in bankruptcy litigation
  • Representing asset buyers from Chapter 11 debtors-in-possession

At Kass Shuler, we work with our clients from the initial stages of credit transactions. We always aim to create and preserve creditors’ liens and other rights before things get out of hand. Also, we strive to minimize uncertainty and dispute whenever the debtor runs into issues.

Our vastly experienced team drafts and reviews credit instruments and agreements efficiently. Our comprehensive strategy ensures that our clients receive proper protection during their bargains.

Count on us for reliable representation in commercial litigation arising from complex financial transactions. Our well-versed team enforces all our creditor clients’ security interests and collection rights. We will assist in standing as the creditors’ advocate in diverse bankruptcy litigation and reorganization disputes.

Why Choose the Kass Shuler Law Firm?

Kass Shuler has spent over 35 years representing creditors in insolvency and bankruptcy matters. Our reliable attorneys have participated in numerous bankruptcy cases in the country and appear regularly in Florida’s bankruptcy courts.

We have specialized in representing credit unions, banks, mortgage servicers, and auto-finance corporations, among other clients. Whether you need help in claims litigation, collateral valuation, or lien stripping, our creditor’s rights attorneys are always available to help you. You could also count on us for support in other contested matters like confirmation fights, adversary proceedings, and Section 363 sales.

Are you having trouble dealing with adversary proceeding issues? Reach out to Kass Law today to find help with preference defense, equitable subordination, and fraudulent conveyance defense. We are your best bet for tailored strategic solutions that meet your specific needs. Book an appointment with one of our creditors’ right attorneys and find much-needed assistance for your legal issues.