Mortgage Default Services for Financial Institutions

Mortgage Default Services for Financial Institutions

Our knowledgeable and experienced Mortgage Default Services team assists clients with default service management, loss mitigation, foreclosure, bankruptcy, related litigation, evictions, and REO closings. A full-service department, our highly trained team combines the customer service of a small firm with the scalability to handle each client’s specialized procedures and timelines.


Guided by Board Certified Real Estate Attorney Richard McIver, the foreclosure team offers comprehensive legal services to the mortgage banking industry. At Kass Shuler, we tailor all work to our client’s specific needs, using our established processes to increase accuracy, maintain quality, and reduce the time to complete each foreclosure. This also allows us to continuously meet or exceed state standard timelines while simultaneously surpassing our clients’ expectations. Our commitment to this service is clearly reflected in the long-standing business relationships we have built and continue to grow.
Kass Shuler is a member of the American Legal & Financial Network and Mortgage Bankers Association.

Loss Mitigation

At Kass Shuler, our Loss Mitigation team is focused on and committed to providing borrowers with alternatives to foreclosure whenever possible. Our main goal is to assist mortgagors in reaching the most timely and cost-effective solution in a professional, courteous manner. Our highly trained staff is proficient in Loan Modifications, Assumptions, HUD Assignments, Repayment Plans, Short Sales, Payoffs, Reinstatements, and Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosures.

Foreclosure Litigation

Diverse in its scope, our litigation experience includes complex trials, adversary proceedings, contested foreclosures, administrative proceedings, and appeals arising from disputes in all matters affecting the mortgage banking industry, such as payment disputes; lender-placed insurance; purported violations of RESPA, TILA, or FDCPA; and lien-stripping in bankruptcy. Our litigation department remains attuned to all legal issues that may potentially affect our clients. We recognize the importance of being prepared for potential litigation and treat each case with the special care needed to avoid such matters.


With respect to Mortgage Default Servicing and bankruptcy, we understand the need to expeditiously protect our clients’ interests. Our customized reports and dynamic processes allow us to complete work and achieve desired results quickly and effectively while complying with the myriad of requirements (bar dates, Response/Objection deadlines, lift of stay procedures) in the bankruptcy code, the local rules, and procedures requested by individual judges. Our staff and attorneys are thoroughly familiar with the processes and requirements in all three Districts in Florida and we have unmatched experience dealing with all aspects of creditor representation including Motions for Stay Relief and Adequate Protection, Lien Stripping and Valuation, Objections to Confirmation and Objections to Claims.


At Kass Shuler, we understand the importance of protecting our clients’ interests while showing empathy and respect for homeowners or tenants. We encourage occupants to take advantage of the relocation assistance offered by many of our clients. In the event relocation is not successful, we believe in a quick and judicious process, with a 24 hour response time. Our experience in post-foreclosure evictions has allowed us to develop positive working relationships with the Clerk of Court and Sheriffs’ Departments across the State of Florida.


Our REO team has 25+ years of experience assisting mortgage lenders in selling, refinancing, and modifying distressed real estate property. Extensive knowledge of the intricate REO process and our broad network of services, such as REO, retail, and refinance closings; loan modifications; deed in lieu; FHA and VA policy packages; title claims; search/exam review; and curative title services all result in a clear and marketable title for these REO properties. The firm also represents lenders and purchasers in both commercial and residential real estate transactions and understands the key to closing any sale is open communication among all parties.