Why Hire a Commercial Collections Attorney?

why hire commercial collections attorney

When your clients leave outstanding balances on the books, your monthly business revenues take an immediate dive. Worse yet, the longer the debts remain unpaid, the less likely your customers are to issue payment on their own. Thankfully, you can collect the money owed to you by hiring a commercial collections attorney. Here’s how they can help.

Limiting Losses with a Commercial Collections Attorney

A debt collection attorney can limit your losses by pursuing the debts owed to you as soon as your customer goes into default. As they send out notices and pursue the outstanding balances, you’ll likely see some recoveries, boosting your revenues and keeping your small business afloat.

Once you get the funds back, you can then funnel them back into your business to facilitate growth. With that money back on your side, you won’t miss out on opportunities to expand your product line, improve your services, or boost the efficiency of your operations. Without their help, however, you would undoubtedly see the debts remain on the books, despite your best attempts to collect on them. Consumers tend to take correspondence from attorneys much more seriously than from companies or collection agencies, after all.

Reduce Cost of Tracking Down Outstanding Balances

Although it might seem counterintuitive, your debt collection attorney can potentially save you money in the long run. When they are in charge of collecting outstanding balances, you know
they will move quickly with collection efforts. This reduces the amount of money and time you spend on each account, leaving you to focus on promoting your business. If you decide to collect the debts yourself, you’d have to invest in hiring and training at least one employee. For many companies, it takes a whole department to stay on top of the collection actions.

Receive Documentation with a Commercial Collections Attorney

With each collection attempt made by your attorney, they will document the entire process from beginning to end. With that approach, they start to build a case against the client, so that you can win in court if it comes to that. Beyond that, their precise documentation helps confirm that they followed all laws in tracking down and collecting the balance owed to your company. Your attorney will maintain an organized folder full of all the documentation and provide copies as needed for your own files.

Reduce Stress from Failed Debt Collection Attempts

When your clients fail to respond to your debt collection attempts, stress levels are bound to rise. The reduction in revenues can make stress even worse. Especially if it results in an inability to keep your operations running and growing. By delegating the process to a commercial collections attorney, you can focus on what matters. Let them achieve the results you seek. Then, as you start to see outstanding balances get resolved, your stress levels may further decrease. You can move forward in managing your business, knowing that your debt collection actions are being handled by your collections attorney.